Aadhaar Card for NRI & Foreigners

One of the biggest proofs of ID is Aadhaar card which could be used for completing various government formalities. It is also becoming a mandatory proof while applying for home loans, registration of property, opening a bank account etc. The main advantage of making an Aadhaar card for yourself and your family is that it is available for free of cost if you are a citizen of India also including those who are NRI and foreign national. If you are NRI and willing to get an Aadhaar card for yourself then you have to follow the similar procedure for those as well.

Although it is important for NRI or foreign person to be present at the Aadhar card centre in order to complete the formalities. Once the Aadhaar card is made, individuals can link it to voter IDs and intention behind this process is to remove the unnecessary records of people in India and maintain a single record of the person in India.

During the completion of Aadhaar card process, information like Voter ID, email and mobile number are also linked to the account. Deadlines have been put the government as people now need to link the same before 31st July 2015 and get it completed under stipulated time.

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How to Apply for Non Resident Indians

The enrollment is free for those who live in India. Once can apply it from any centers and also use online appointment facility and registration. One thing which needs to be noted is that not all centers have this online appointment and application service. It means that the person must be physically present at the centre and make appointment from there only. Once you have the appointment, you need to carry the documents of proof of address, ID proof, photographs before visiting the nearest centre.

If it is not possible to avail online appointment, you need to simply visit the centre and wait in the queues. In case no one has the documents, then the head of the family can enroll his/her name in the family entitlement document. In such cases, head of the family first enrolls and then later on others enroll. However it needs to be understood that the head of the family must have valid proofs of address and ID.

A simple Procedure to Apply for UID as a NRI

If you are a Non- Resident Indian and looking for applying for Aadhar Card then you need to follow the simple registration process which involves applying from the online website of Aadhaar and then taking an appointment. Make sure that you have valid photo identity proof and address proof before applying for it. After ensuring that you have valid documents, you can visit the nearby Aadhar centre and apply for Aadhaar after completing few biometric tests. It takes about 60-90 days for sending printed Aadhar card at your postal address; other options are to download the Aadhar from online website of Aadhar card. Once you have downloaded and got Aadhar card, you will have an important proof of identity.

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