Aadhar Card Application Form 2016

Aadhaar card, a document which has been mandatory for all citizens of India and it is considered as one of the biggest proofs of identification or address for individuals. People can have the cards for no cost moreover the application form which is the beginning of enrollment is also available for free at different Aadhaar card centers created by government. Users can also have access to the forms online at the official website formulated for the said purpose. One can also search for the form on the search engines, and once you are able to get a track of it, download the form online. The form can be downloaded from the link at uidai.gov.in .

Why to download online UID registration form?

Although the form is available at the center, but still it is better to download it online because it saves you from various things. Like one need not have to waste his time in approaching the center and then standing in the queue to have access to the form. While downloading the form online, user also gets the convenience of downloading it in their local language and option of selecting the language is available in the form tab available on the website. Once the form has been downloaded, one may save it on their desktops or can take the print out to fill them up and initiate the process of enrollment.

Aadhaar cards form available for free at uidai.gov.in

The residents of India can have access to the card for free, so you need not have to spend a single penny and you will have the biggest proof of identification and address in your hand. Once enrollment has completed, individuals can make corrections in the detail if anything wrong has been entered at the time of enrollment. Correction is also available for free, thus giving more convenience and comfort to the users. These free services has been imitated by government and other regulatory authorities to make sure that every citizen of India be it poor or rich can have access to the cards and can have an identification and address proof which can be used during different situations and instances.

Online Aadhaar Card Application form

Once the Aadhar forms have been downloaded online, take the print out and fill it with the relevant details inquired in the form. Also make sure that you present the correct details, because incorrect application may reject your plea for Aadhar card. Once you have filed the form, individual is required to visit the center to take ahead the formalities. To save yourself from making repeated visits at the center, look out if your center has the facility of making online appointment and if same is available then go for it. Booking an online appointment saves you from wasting a large amount of time in visiting the center and waiting there for your turn. However, if online facility is not available at your center than visit any of the centers available closer to you without making any prior appointment.

So, if you have not yet enrolled for the Aadhaar card what are you waiting for begin the process and get your Aadhaar card today.

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