How to link Aadhaar Card No. with Voter ID online

Aadhaar card is considered as one of the biggest identify proofs which can be used on various instances to give proof of your identification. Further to this individuals can link their Aadhaar cards to the Voter ids and it involves some basic steps to be followed. The intention behind the whole process is to remove bogus and multiple names from the records. Another important motive is to go online digital, i.e. creating a database online. During the process along with the Voter card details other information like email Id and mobile number is also linked, thus containing unique information about an individual. Deadlines have been put forth by government where in every individual is required to make the linking on or before 31 July 2015, such that the task gets completed within the stipulated time.

Steps to link Aadhaar card with Voter card

There are two options of linking the card and one can choose any of the methods according to their convenience i.e. mobile or web.

Using web for Aadhaar Card – Voter ID linking

It is a simple thing to do and one can follow any of the options like self seeding or portal seeding.

Self seeding

Method 1: Link aadhar card to voter ID via Online

1) The first step is to keep both your aadhar card and voter card ready with you.

2) Visit the online National Voter’s Service Portal or Electoral Search website’s Aadhar Seeding Page at “” and enter main credentials like name, DOB, gender, father’s name etc.

3) Once details have been punched, system will match records with the Voter Id details. Once voter id details are filtered individuals gets the option of linking it to their Aadhaar card. Here you need to enter all the detail as Name, Voter ID Card or the EPIC number, Aadhar number and mobile number in the given field in the form.

3) Now click at the submit button.

4) Successful submission will flash message that the process of linking Aadhar with voter id has been successfully processed.

That’s it, you have linked Aadhar Card to your Voter ID Card via online.

Method 2: Link aadhar card to voter ID via SMS

1) Go to SMS option in your mobile phone.

2) Type message in the format “ECILINK <EPIC_Number> <Aadhaar_Number>” and send it to 51696 or 166.

3) Upon succesful submition, you will recieve a confirmation SMS.

Portal Seeding

To ensure that the process of linking is simplified, government has framed a portal on the basis of specific states. Herein seeding can be done simply by using the portal and feeding the details within it.

Other options of linking Aadhaar card with voter id

Apart from the methods mentioned above, writer can select the following options for making the linking;

  • The booth level officers shall visit electors door to door to collect relevant information.
  • The responsible officer may collect details from special camps, centers organised for this task such that information can be collected and linked with each other easily.
  • Nationwide camps are organised by electoral registration officer across the country such that activities can be conducted.

Similarly users have the option of accessing servicing of linking their Aadhaar to voter ID using their mobile phones or call center services. Different kind of alternatives have thus been devised to make sure that citizens need not have to face any trouble while linking their Aadhaar card with voter id. Access the services available online and make sure to link your cards before the deadline posted by government to avoid any kind of last minute confusion or penalties.

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