PAHAL DBTL Scheme for LPG-Aadhaar Card linking

Like most of the important documents, issued by the Central Government of India, Aadhaar Card too is gaining increasing significance. One of the major reasons entailing its importance is due to the fact that apart from serving as an ideal document of identification, Aadhaar also perfectly eases many other official processes as well, only to make it quite faster. Likewise the current PAHAL (DBTL) scheme was released that was based on UID Card.

What is PAHAL DBTL Scheme of LPG Subsidy?

PAHAL DBTL Scheme for LPG-Aadhaar Card linking

Before understanding the role of Aadhaar in PAHAL (DBTL) scheme, let’s first get a small glance on this scheme. Initially released in 1st June, 2013 and slowly covering around 291 districts, according to this scheme it is mandatory for any Indian customer to have the possession of his or her respective Aadhaar Card or the Aadhaar number for availing the LPG subsidy.Only after reassessing the common issues and difficulties faced by the common masses, the Indian government had modified the scheme exactly prior to its launch. Under this modified scheme, it is now no longer mandatory to have an Aadhaar to receive the subsidy.

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Linking Aadhaar Number for availing LPG subsidy

However like already said having Aadhaar Card can be truly good for all the Indian citizens. Thus if you too want to link your Aadhar Card with your respective LPG connection, you just to need to follow the provided steps :

  1. The first step involves you to submit the respective application to your distributor by first downloading and printing form number 2 and then submitting the same to the nearest distributor of yours.
  2. Next you have to link your respective Aadhaar Card to the LPG. To make it an easier process you can easily call at the call centre by calling at 18000-2333-555, after which you only have to follow the provided instructions.
  3. The linkage process can also be done via online by getting connected at
  4. Or else you can also do the same via post. You just need to download as well as print the required form 2 along with filling in all the details. This form should be posted to the respective address.
  5. Or you can also link the same via Interactive Voice Response System or IVRS. IVRS is a service that is present in all companies. It is present in each district and each of them are different.
  6. Or you can do the same in the simplest way via SMS by writing the SMS in the given format. For doing so, you first have to register your number in the following format.

IOC < STD Code +

Distributor’s Tel. Number <>

Consumer Number >

Example “IOC 1326044589( combination of STD and the distributor’s number) PX10828C (consumer number)”

After this, you have to send an SMS like

UID Aadhaar number

Example – UID 123456789012

to the number that would be specific for your area.

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