9 Million Dark Web BidenCash Credit Card Holders Data Leaked SBI Banks, American Express Fiserv Solutions LLC Data Leak

A massive data breach involving the financial data of credit card customers from major banks like State Bank of India (SBI), American Express and Fiserv Solutions LLC has been uncovered by security researchers. The financial data of nine million credit card holders has been leaked, according to security researchers.

CloudSEK’s Singapore-based, AI-powered threat intelligence team discovered a malicious actor advertising a 1.2 million card database for free on a Russian-language cybercrime forum on the dark web, tracking details of 7.9 million cardholder data advertised on the BidenCash website which is a dark web carding site, according to an IANS report.

Anyone can go to BidenCash, the dark web carding site and download leaked credit card details for free and misuse that information.

“State Bank of India, Fiserv Solutions LLC and American Express were among the major banking institutions that were affected. There were approximately 508,000 debit cards breached with 414,000 Visa payment network records followed by Mastercard,” they said. said security researchers.

“Marketplaces like BidenCash frequently emerge where threat actors exchange sensitive card data for carding and cloning services. While modern security mechanisms are able to minimize the impact, threat actors regularly check the deployment of new methods to circumvent them,” said Rishika Desai, Cyber ​​Threat Researcher, CloudSEK.

The majority of personal emails associated with card details have been exposed. Other official email records have been discovered associated with SoftBank, Bank of Singapore and the World Bank following BidenCash’s previous data breach.

The BidenCash forum became active in early February 2022. Post that the threat actor used various means to gain traffic to their website, such as spamming comments on websites.

“On a personal level, trying to track your card transactions, being aware of malicious sites that attract a lot can help prevent to a greater extent. As the BidenCash group tries to gain popularity through various measures, the leak of map data motivates other groups to follow the same steps,” Desai noted.

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