Amit Sah suggests digital census and multipurpose identity card

During the laying of the first stone of the new building of the Registrar General of India and Census Commissioner in Delhi, Minister of the Interior of the Union Amit Shah suggested on Monday the idea of ​​a multipurpose identity card.

He also brought up the idea of ​​Digital Census. He said the data for 2021 census will be collected through mobile applications.

Amit Shah said “Why can’t we have one card for all utilities like Aadhaar, passport, bank account, driver’s license, voter card? There should be a system where all data should be gathered on one card. It’s potential. This is why the digital census is very important.He stressed the importance of collecting the census. He said the census could be the key to future planning and development plans.

The interior minister also said that data from the National population register will also be collected at the same time as the census process. NPR is the list of usual residents of the country. Officials also hinted that the NPR may be modeled on a pan-Indian version of Assam. National Register of Citizens (NRC).

Speaking at the event, the leader also urged census officials to sincerely conduct the census exercise. He said the census data will be very useful in contributing to the development of the nation.

Previously in a related note, Madhya Pradesh the government also plans to propose a new type of identity card. The idea is to eliminate the need to carry multiple documents. Minister of Public Relations of the State of Madhya Pradesh, PC Sharma had said that the movement aims to make the idea of ​​”a state an identity” a reality.

  • It was the 15th Indian census which saw its conclusion in two phases.
  • The motto of the census was’Our census, our future‘.
  • Census data was collected in 16 languages.
  • The entire 2011 census exercise was conducted under the leadership of CM Chandramauli who was then Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India.

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