Buddha Vesham, ID Card of Nepal; Is the arrested Chinese a spy? The police are investigating

Delhi: Delhi Police have widened the investigation to more people in connection with the arrest of a Chinese woman. Police arrested a woman named Kai Roo, who stayed in Delhi as a Buddhist monk, the other day. The investigation is directed towards those who are in contact with them and the officials concerned. The Delhi Police Special Cell is investigating the case.

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A Chinese woman was arrested by Delhi police on Thursday on suspicion of spying for China. Police said the woman, from China’s Hainan province, was arrested at a Tibetan refugee center north of Delhi.

National media reports that the young woman said during the interrogation that she had come to India because she was a Buddhist. They also told the police that some Chinese nationals planned to kill them. The Chinese woman was charged with criminal association, forgery, fraud and transfer of property.

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Kai Roo was carrying a Nepali identity card when he was arrested by police from a Tibetan refugee settlement in Delhi. It was mentioned on this identity card that he was from Kathmandu under the name of Dolma Lama. Later, it became clear that they were Chinese nationals when checked at the regional registration office. Dressed as a Buddhist monk and dyed his hair short. Traditional clothes were worn. They are fluent in English, Mandarin and Nepali languages.

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The young woman first came to India in 2019 with a Chinese passport and returned in 2020. They returned to India in September 2022 and lived in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. On his second visit, he moved to Majnu Ka Tila in Delhi.

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