Changes to IHG Rewards credit cards coming in March 2022

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We know changes are coming to the IHG Rewards program starting in March 2022. To coincide with that, there are also changes coming to IHG Rewards co-branded credit cards, and I would say the news is extremely positive.

IHG Credit Card Changes from March 2022

Changes are coming to the Chase & IHG Rewards credit card wallet starting March 24, 2022. Often when there are changes to credit cards, it’s not good news, although in this case , this seems to be almost entirely good news.

Not only do we see changes to the two existing personal credit cards, but we will also see the introduction of a new business credit card. Let’s review the details.

Changes to the IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card

The IHG® The Rewards Club Premier Credit Card (Revision) will be renamed the IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card. The bad news is that the annual fee will increase by $10, from $89 to $99, starting in 2023 for existing cardholders. Everything else is positive.

First, we will see the reward structure on the map improve considerably. The card IHG Prime earn you:

  • 5x points on trips (was 1x points previously)
  • 5x points on the purchases at gas stations and restaurants (2x against point before)
  • 3x points on all other purchases (previously 1x points)

In addition, the card will benefit from several additional new benefits including:

  • free night certificates anniversary will have more flexibility; while they’re capped at 40,000 points per night, you’ll be able to redeem them at more expensive hotels by paying the difference in points (in other words, you can book a hotel at 50,000 points for a free night certificate over 10,000 points)
  • You will receive $50 in United TravelBank Cash each calendar year, after registering your IHG Rewards Premier card with your United MileagePlus account
  • You’ll earn 10,000 bonus points and a $100 statement credit after spending $20,000 on the card in a calendar year
  • You will continue to receive IHG Rewards Platinum status for free and can earn IHG Rewards Diamond status after spending $40,000 on the card in a calendar year.

With the exception of the $10 annual fee increase, these changes are fantastic across the board. You will get a United Airlines credit of $50 per year and the free night certificates will be much more valuable. We’ll have to wait to hear the benefits of IHG Rewards Diamond status, but some might consider it worth spending to earn it, especially with the improved points earning structure and threshold bonus on the card.

Other existing benefits not mentioned will continue to exist, including a free fourth night on rewards redemption, Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check credit, and more.

Free night rewards become much more flexible

Changes to the IHG Rewards Traveler Credit Card

Credit Card Rewards Club IHG® traveler (review) will be renamed IHG Rewards traveler credit card. The board will continue to have no annual fee, and there are some positive changes.

The rewards structure of the IHG Traveler Card will improve significantly, as you will be able to earn:

  • 3x points on purchases of utilities, internet, cable, phone and some streaming services (previously 1x points)
  • 3x points on the purchases at gas stations and restaurants (2x against point before)
  • 2x points on all other purchases (previously 1x points)

In addition, the card will benefit from all kinds of new additional benefits:

  • IHG Rewards Automatic Silver status (any status was proposed without spending before)
  • You will be able to earn IHG Rewards Gold status after spending $20,000 on the card in a calendar year
  • You will earn 10,000 bonus points after spending $ 10 000 on the map during a calendar year

The changes here are impressive, as the no-annual-fee card will finally offer elite status without spending, and the points-earning structure will also improve significantly.

Get $50 in United TravelBank Cash with the card

New IHG Premier business card

Although details are limited at this time, effective March 24, 2022, a new IHG Premier Business Card will be introduced. The card will have an annual fee of only $ 99, so hopefully it offers many advantages. It’s always exciting to see more new cards hitting the market.

Hope IHG’s New Business Card Delivers Big Perks

What happens to the IHG Select card?

Back then, there was the $49 per year IHG Select Card. The card has not been opened to new applicants for years, but many people (including me) still have this card. So with these changes, what happens to the IHG Select card?

  • The IHG Select Card will retain its current annual fee and will not receive any of the new benefits
  • IHG Select cardholders will be able to switch products to either the IHG Premier card or the IHG Traveler card
  • However, I am told that they will not be able to apply for the IHG Traveler or IHG Premier card if they still hold the IHG Select card

Currently, you are eligible for the IHG Premier card (including the bonus) while holding the IHG Select card, which might be a reason to take the IHG Premier card now (I personally would).

At the end of the line

Changes are coming to IHG credit cards starting in March 2022, and it’s very good news:

  • The annual fee for the IHG Premier Card will increase by $10, but the card will benefit from a significantly improved points-earning structure, as well as new benefits including annual $50 United Credit, free night rewards of more flexible birthday party, and more.
  • The card IHG Traveler will get the status IHG Rewards Silver without spending requirement
  • The new IHG Premier business card will be introduced, but we’ll have to stay tuned for the details of that

What do you think of these IHG Rewards credit card changes?

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