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The SBI Card claims that the SBI CASHBACK Card, the first of its kind, allows cardholders to earn 5% cashback on all online spending without any restrictions from the merchant.

SBI Card has launched the ‘Cashback SBI Card’ which is the first full cashback credit card of its kind in India. SBI Card claims the first cashback-focused credit card allows customers to earn 5% cashback on all online purchases with no merchant limits. Customers of all demographics, from mass to premium, will be catered for, and the card will provide a quick, easy, and fully digital sign-up process.

Features and Benefits

The contactless cashback card is free for the first year until March 2023.

According to the SBI Card website, SBI Card Cashback customers will earn unlimited cashback of 1% on all expenses and the cashback will increase to 5% on all online expenses, up to a maximum of Rs 10,000 for each monthly statement cycle.

The card has an automatic cashback credit feature that allows authorized cashback to be automatically credited to the account within two days of statement generation.

In addition to cash back benefits, cardholders will also enjoy four complimentary domestic airport lounge visits each year (one visit per quarter).

In addition, a 1% fuel charge waiver is allowed for transactions between Rs 500 and Rs 3,000, with a maximum surcharge waiver limit of Rs 100 each month of billing statement for each credit card account.

The card is supported by the VISA platform.

Renewal cost

The annual card renewal cost is Rs 999 plus applicable taxes.

Customers who have reached the milestone of Rs 2 lakh in annual spending during the card membership year will be eligible for reimbursement of the renewal fee.

How to get it?

The SBI Cashback Card is available to customers of all categories, from mass to premium, including Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Customers can register for the credit card through a fully digital enrollment process .

Customers across India can easily get the card instantly by registering on “SBI Card SPRINT” digital application platform.

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