Credit card skimmers found in the Bay Area

(KRON) – Credit card skimmers have been found in multiple locations across the Bay Area over the past week.

The Petaluma Police Department said they recently found ATM credit card skimmers at four different locations. Last Saturday, technicians working on two ATMs at a Bank of America location in downtown Petaluma found skimmers there.

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On Monday, the police department said three other locations in Petaluma had ATM skimmers. All of the skimmers found were linked to credit card readers.

In some cases, police found cameras pointed at keypads apparently to record people’s identification numbers as they typed them in. The police department said thieves would obtain credit card information and identification numbers to make fraudulent purchases.

Last Friday in Sunnyvale, the Sunnyvale Police Department found skimmers at a Chevron-7-Eleven location along El Camino Real. Now the police department is offering advice to people who might use ATMs.

Check the ATM to make sure all parts fit and fit properly. Avoid using a machine if anything is loose, looks unusual, or sticks out.

Many places, like 7-Eleven, will have a security strip. It’s a little bit of bureaucracy on the card reader. If this tape appears to have been tampered with in any way, you may also want to avoid this machine.

Finally, keep an eye on your credit card history. Check for unusual purchases.

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