Danfodiyo students deplore late issuance of identity card


Abiodun Jamiu, (Student journalist)

There is growing concern among students at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, over the failure of the university authorities to issue a Student Identity Card (ID) to current 200-level students of university, one year after their admission.

The delay in issuing the student card overrides the university’s provision which states that students must identify themselves by providing identity cards when necessary.

Students who do not have an ID card may be denied access to university facilities or other student benefits such as a pass in the examination room.

The Student Affairs Division of Usmanu Danfodiyo University in Sokoto is responsible for issuing the ID card to students upon payment of the prescribed fee determined by the university management.

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Instead of the card, a confirmation letter – 210 X 297 millimeter format document – given at the time of admission confirmation is the only means of identification for students, but they hardly have it within reach. hand for fear of losing it.

Frustration of students due to the non-issuance of the identity card

Already, many students have lost a number of opportunities because they could not present their student ID card. Sheriff Oshubiyi, a 200-level law student, is one of those who are ruining the indifferent attitude of the university authorities to resolve the issues related to the delay in issuing the ID card.

“It is very disheartening that so far we have not received our school identity card,” said a frustrated Oshubiyi.

“This problem is something we are very sad about. Come to think of it, the fact that we haven’t received the ID card yet affects us as students as there are occasions when we need the card but we haven’t received it yet. , we will not be able to use it.

“As a student, there was an Oratory competition for university students that I have been eyeing for a long time but I couldn’t because they asked for an identity card.”

While recounting a public speaking contest that he missed because he could not provide authorized proof that he is a student at the university, he urged the management to speed up the process of issuing the card. identity.

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This, he suggests, should be done seriously so that newly admitted students don’t suffer the same fate.

I hope the school administration will solve this problem by issuing the ID card to the relevant students to focus on the new students, Oshubiyi said.

Another named student, Barakat, and also a 200-level political science student, says it has been difficult for him to take advantage of opportunities such as scholarships and the symposium that are available to students.

“I stopped worrying about applying for scholarships that require me to submit my scholarship proof because we don’t have any. Some of us need the ID card to apply for opportunities, but we couldn’t, ”said Barakat.

“Often times this card is requested by security personnel along the highways every time we return home, if not for those at higher levels who provide it, who knows? We could be labeled as criminals. We just hope we get donated before it’s too late “

Disappointed, Adedeji Mutmainah, another 200-level student in the Department of Public Administration, blames the delay in issuing the ID card to poor administration on the part of the management of the higher education institution.

She says the tradition at other universities and indeed all higher education institutions is that students are issued with ID cards during their first year.

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Second year of studies, Mutmainah was disappointed that after one session, she had no proof of her education.

“We should have received the ID card to prove that we are a student at this school,” she said.

“Imagine one of us gets into a fight and pretends to be a UDUS student, is there any evidence to support that person’s scholarship? It is very disheartening. With this development, the responsibility lies solely with the management as the card should have been issued to us in our first year. I expected it and it is quite unwarranted.

When she tried to apply for an accounting program, Mutmainah recalled that she almost missed the opportunity, but was saved by obtaining the national ID card to prove she was a student.

“In the last semester, I wanted to enroll in an accounting program, but I couldn’t. The organizers asked me for my school identity card during registration, which I obviously do not have. I had to drive extra miles, sign up for the NIMC card because I couldn’t provide any proof that I was a university student, ”she recalls.

Abdulwakil Busari, 200L engineering student, blames the management delay on the student’s identity card. With anger visibly written on his face, ID cards make the difference between students and visitors, he said. And a university surrounded by satellite villages with their population as a university, Abdulwakil feels insecure.

“The delay is unwarranted. Almost all universities issue identity cards to their students immediately after enrollment. For example, newly admitted students to Kwara State University received their ID cards. Here, we are in 200 L, we have not been issued, what fate would then be reserved for students newly admitted to UDUS if not the same fate? he asked

“I have no complaints against the management, they should just give us the ID card because we have no means of identification other than the confirmation letter. And to that extent, we are not safe. With the ID card, we would be able to tell the difference between the Yaro boys and the students ”

Apart from the late issuance of the card to students, the use of the identity card is not privileged at the university. This fueled the discontent of students who demanded the use of a cordon to distinguish them from satellite villages of the university.

Reacting to the issue of non-issuance of an ID and its implications for students, Adegbite Taoheed, a 400-level literature student in English, said, “It is often very difficult to recognize students on the campus.

Taoheed wondered how campus security personnel are able to identify students and visitors when a certain student population is without ID even after one year of school as a student. .

“With an ID card, it would be easy to identify the students, and if they wanted to apprehend someone – a visitor or a foreigner, security would be able to identify the foreigners among the students.”

We treat it – Dean, Student ‘Affair

When contacted, the Dean of Student Affairs at Aminu Mode revealed that once the card is ready, students will be notified as management is already working to ensure it is available to all level students. 200 affected.

“The identity card is being processed. As soon as it is ready, we will notify the students ”. Even today, we wanted to go check it out, but I’ve been in a meeting since the morning, ”Mode explained.

Speaking about the campaign for the use of a lanyard with their ID at university, Mode said activists should have raised their concerns to the appropriate authority for review.

The DSA, which revealed that the university would soon unveil its anthem thanks to a student’s recommendation, tasked students to write to the administration on burning issues on campus, noting that the leadership would welcome such advances.

“Instead of writing it directly, recommend it to management. Even though it’s written a million times, and it’s not written to management, it’s just a waste of time. But when a proposal is written to management, we will certainly work on it. Even if you write to the management as a student, say Abiodun Jamiu ‘referring to this reporter’ with its benefits, the management will look into the matter.

“As a student, forget your affiliation, write to the administration and offer it. The university would even congratulate the students. Because it is a common practice in universities, it would help secure the ID card, we would do what was necessary. I only read it on social media.

“Currently. We are working on the university anthem, it was proposed by a student in my department (Modern European Languages ​​and Linguistics, MELL) through my office and the university form a committee, I am a member.

But when you keep writing without meeting with management, no one will make any changes among them. When you write to college through student affairs, it can bring about change.
Speaking further, the DSA therefore said that management would clinically examine the issue “even if we would say that students should pay a naira or ten for it, we will have to sit down and deliberate.”


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