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The national identity card should begin to be issued soon, revealed Sandro Nunes Vieira, deputy judge to the presidency of the Higher Electoral Court (TSE), to the website Mobile Time. The document in digital format will identify the Brazilians registered with the Electoral Tribunal who make up the National Civil Identification (NCI).

  • The digital identity must start to be issued from the second semester
  • The digital version of the National Identity Card is already in testing
  • What is digital CPF

The documentation will consist of the wearer’s personal and biometric data (photo of the face and prints of all the fingers of the hands). By February of next year, it is expected that at least 500,000 DNIs will be issued, but the issuance process has not yet been defined – likely, will be on the Internet, with the assistance from the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro).

The original concept of the DNI is to have a unique identification document for digital cards created by the federal government, such as the and e-Titulo applications. In addition, according to Mobile Time, the new digital document could also have its own app to add other records.

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Bidirectional verification

With the support of Serpro, the possibility of providing ICN data conferencing services to enterprises is opened. In other words: banks, real estate agencies and financial institutions will be able to verify the registration data provided, including the face, with the TSE information base.

The verification will be chargeable, but its value has not yet been defined and the values ​​obtained by the service should go to the National Civil Identification Fund (FICN), which is in charge of the same service, but for public entities.

“The fund is essential for the sustainability of the project. Payments made by private entities will go to the fund, which will pay for the Serpro contract and all conference and data research services for public entities, ”Vieira explained.

Privacy as a principle

Even if the content is verified by private companies, it does not mean that they will have access to citizens’ data. The exact way in which the authentication will be carried out has not been explained, but the TSE undertakes not to expose the data of the citizens. “The ICN is a state project. This changes the entire relationship between citizens and public authorities and private entities, ”explains the assistant judge.

What are DNI and ICN

Digital IDs were initially established in May 2017, through Law 13, but implementation has been delayed due to budget constraints. Only this year, thanks to an agreement from the federal government to make the creation of the FICN possible, it was possible to continue the plan.

Source: Moving time

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