Do you have an HDFC bank debit card? Check All The Benefits – Everything You Can Do With It


HDFC Bank offers a variety of credit cards to its customers. Users can use these debit cards to get benefits while shopping, paying bills, etc. Debit cards have become the most common part of our wallets now. From loading our online wallets with cash to online / offline purchases, debit cards have become a necessity. The growing use of smartphones and digital payments has increased the use of debit cards. HDFC Bank cards are an ideal choice for secure, affordable and smart transactions. These cards are an easy way to pay bills fast, shop safely, and make smart decisions.

Whether it’s a retail store, gas pump, movie theater, shopping website, or online travel portals, HDFC Bank Debit Cards will offer a plethora of discounts, cash backs and rewards to users. Nowadays, customers no longer wait outside ATMs to withdraw money, while they can load or purchase via debit cards at lightning speed. These are the benefits that HDFC Bank debit cards offer on almost any card, according to the bank’s official website.

1. Transact securely: HDFC Bank debit card serves secure transactions to its customers. From build quality to authentication via OTP and passwords / PIN, the user remains very secure when using the debit card.

2. Pay on Wallets, Websites and PayZapp: HDFC Bank Debit Card is supported on all types of online wallets and websites. Although it offers even more benefits when used through PayZapp, an HDFC bank’s online wallet.

3. Make Automatic Bill Payments: These debit cards also provide the ability to make automatic payments of electricity, water, phone, or any other monthly bills, keeping customers stress-free.

4. Enjoy EMI Benefits: HDFC Bank customers can also enjoy EMI benefits with its debit cards. Invoices or purchase payments can easily be converted to IMEs, which are easy and safe to pay.

5. Get free insurance coverage: HDFC bank also provides free insurance coverage to its debit card users up to Rs 10 lakh, according to the bank’s website.

6. Take advantage of great deals on top brands: Customers can enjoy great discounts on fuel, shopping (in-store and online), travel, dining, entertainment, and top brands.

7. Get big savings on purchases and travel with SmartBuy: Users get cash back on their purchases throughout the year, allowing the HDFC Bank debit card holder to enjoy benefits on purchases. online and offline shopping.

To learn more about HDFC Bank debit card types and their features, customers can visit the official link address of HDFC Bank website i.e. / personal / products / cards / debit-cards


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