“Encourage people to link voter ID card to Aadhaar”

Deputy Commissioner R. Snehal called on political parties to encourage the public and expand coordination by linking their voter ID card to Aadhaar.

She was addressing a meeting in Yadgir on Wednesday.

Ms Snehal said the voter ID card can be linked to Aadhaar and if someone does not have Aadhaar they can link their alternative documents to their voter ID card. It is not mandatory to link the voter ID card to Aadhaar. If the two are linked, it will facilitate the voting process by ensuring fair and proper elections and curbing bad electoral practices.

The general public can request the assistance of agents at the kiosk to bind these documents. Booth-level officers can visit voters’ residences to obtain details, if necessary.

Those who do not have Aadhaar cards can combine their voter ID cards with the following documents: work card issued under MGNREGA, photo booklet issued by post offices, health insurance card issued by Department of Labor, Driver’s License, PAN Card, RGI issued Smart Card, Indian Passport, Photo Pension Records, Service ID Cards issued by Union and State Governments, Identity Cards issued to MPs, MPs and MLCs and special ID cards issued by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, the Deputy Commissioner said.

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