Enjoy before and after the holidays. Travel without debt

The school year is about to end and it is time to think about a family vacation, do you have everything ready? Remember that when you return from the holiday period, there are school fees, uniforms, school supplies and endless small expenses that may not seem overwhelming now, but will be over time.

Fortunately, there are methods for repentance not to come for months after having enjoyed for a few days. Keep reading to meet them.



travel without debt

If you read repeatedly about financial matters, you surely know that planning can prevent disaster and that you have your cards to the limit. Holidays are no exception. It is estimated that if you plan your vacation at least three months in advance, you can save up to 50% on transportation and lodging.

What does this mean? That if you use a credit to pay for your trip, finish paying as soon as possible. Or even better, planning gives you the opportunity to pay cash and forget about it until it’s time to enjoy.


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There are different ways to travel and spend incredible moments accompanied by your family. Do not close to a single option. Research on alternative lodging to conventional hotels to save some money, or why not? Experiment with a tent, there are some destinations where you can camp safely for a small amount.

You can also weigh if your best option is to go by car, bus or plane. You could get a surprise if you include gasoline and booths in your transport budget.

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The purpose of the holidays is to spend quality family time, not to cause a financial catastrophe.


Take care of the food


We are not suggesting that you let your family go hungry while you save during the holidays. It can be very expensive to make all the meals of the day in restaurants. Let’s make numbers: Your family is made up of 3 members. If your stay will be 4 days / 3 nights and each meal costs you approximately $ 200.00 per person, you will be spending around $ 6,600.00.

So we suggest you make only one of the meals of the day in restaurants and tourist places. Buy food that you can easily make inside the place where you are staying. You will see that the cost reduction is impressive.


Create a holiday fund

Create a holiday fund

It may be a little late for this holiday period. However you can start saving for the next one.

The first thing you should do is have an objective destination to give some motivation to this practice. Discuss it with your family and decide together. Make deposits periodically in an account (or piggy bank). Have your children participate in this work by depositing a portion of their countertops in this fund, so the holidays will become a debt-free family project.

If your finances are healthy, apply for a loan and visit your favorite destination.

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