Error in your voter card? Have it corrected before October 15


Citizens of the country can have any mistakes in their voter ID cards corrected until October 15. The office of the Chief Electoral Officer launched a mega campaign from Sunday September 1 to help Delhi voters verify their contact details on the voters lists. authenticate / rectify existing details through the Voter Verification Program. This is the first time that such a program has been launched by the Indian Election Commission (ECI).

“It is for the first time that the ECI has launched such a program to improve the health and loyalty of electoral lists and make them error-free. A voter would be able to verify their own contact details on the voters list and update it both online and offline. He / She can also check and update the records of his / her family members, ”the Hindustan Times said quoting Ranbir Singh, Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Delhi.

For the convenience of the population, the electoral panel set up special camps in 14,000 locations across the capital. Those who reach the age of 18 (the age required to vote) on January 1, 2020 can also have their name added to the voters list. Mistakes can be rectified by online voters who can also visit common service centers.

To rectify the data online, a person needs to create a user account on the ICE National Voter Service Portal and register their voter ID, mobile phone number and email address. Then he / she can add, delete or make changes to his / her own contact details and the records of his / her family members by filling out the appropriate forms on the website and uploading documents and photographs. You can also download the “Voter Helpline” mobile application for this purpose.

“If, during the verification of the files, the voter finds that there are errors in the details, the system will automatically generate Form 8, which he will have to complete and submit. Likewise, the system would automatically generate relevant forms, such as Form 7 to delete a name and Form 6 to add a name for the voter to submit along with documents such as a passport, Aadhaar card and permit. drive as well as photographs, ”HT quoted Ranbir Singh saying.

A citizen can also go to the nearest electoral center or to the local Common Service Centers to get the updated details on the voters list. The location of the CHCs can be found on the Delhi CEO website. At the CSC, the user would have to pay a nominal fee to register their name and update their contact information.

“The conventional method, in which a voting booth-level officer goes door-to-door to verify voter details, would also continue. The BLO would start visiting when the work on the summary review starts from October 15, ”added the CEO of Delhi.

The voter verification program will continue until October 15, after which the special summary revision of the voters list will begin. The final list would be released by the second week of January 2020. The Delhi Assembly’s term ends in February and polls are due to take place before that.

“We have no indication from the ECI as to the date of the Delhi assembly elections,” said the Delhi CEO.

To date, Delhi has a total of 1,439,4262 voters, of which 79 12,319 are men, 64 81,261 women, 682 third sex.

The electoral panel, meanwhile, decided to carry out a GIS mapping of all polling stations to be set up in 70 Assembly constituencies, which will help voters find their polling stations.

The attendant at the polling booth, during the voter verification exercise, will also note the coordinates of a voter house which will be integrated into the GIS mapping.

Delhi CEO Ranbir Singh said voters often have difficulty getting to voting booths. “Therefore, the location of all polling stations will be integrated into a Google map. It will not only show the location of the polling station, but also the distance and time required to reach the voting booth,” Times of India (ToI) quoted Ranbir Singh.

The family tagging option will allow voters in a family to update their voting booths. In many cases, voters from the same family are assigned different voting booths. The polling panel wants to avoid such a scenario.

Ranbir Singh added that the “family voter account” was also introduced this year and will contain details of all voters in a family. Voters can now open the family voter account at by providing voter identification numbers and other required details. It can also be opened using the Voter Helpline app. Family members who are over the age of 16 can also be added and those members will receive alerts when they turn 18 so they can enroll. Passport, Aadhaar card, driver’s license, ration card and other proof of identity can be used to verify voter card details.

“As part of the program, a voter from each family will be given a username and password that will allow a person to download all documents related to their cards and mark similar details about their family members.” , ToI said, citing an official saying.


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