Fact Check: Hong Kong Permanent Pet ID Card is NOT a real ID


Novelty card

Does Hong Kong issue an official pet ID card and also provide pets with health insurance and a budget for food? No, that’s not true: Pictured is a new pet ID card inspired by the style of real Hong Kong ID cards issued to human residents of Hong Kong. There are strict dog license regulations in Hong Kong, but the dog license is a paper document, not an ID card. The food and medical care of a pet is the responsibility of the pet’s caretaker.

The meme featuring the gray cat “Jumbo Yuen” began circulating on social media in October 2019 and resurfaced in a publication posted on Facebook on July 27, 2021. Text above image reads:

In Hong Kong, cats can get a permanent in-country residence permit with a lifetime monthly salary for food with lifetime health insurance.

Here’s what the Facebook post looked like at the time of writing:

Facebook screenshot

(Source: Facebook screenshot taken on Tuesday August 3 14:16:50 2021 UTC)

In a November 29, 2019, item in localiiz.com titled “Localiiz Recommends: 10 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Pet Owners”, the top gift is a Pet ID and the article refers to a Facebook page which offered them for sale in May 2018.

Yes, your eyes don’t fool you – a creative soul designed a Pet HKID sticker ($ 100) for you to brighten up your Octopus card! If that doesn’t make you scream, “Shut up and take my money!” So I don’t know what’s going on. You can order the card design as a sticker and apply it yourself or order a brand new Octopus card with the design professionally applied for you for an additional fee. We love these creative gifts to be personalized to the animal and we’re sure those you shop for will appreciate the thoughtfulness!

These pet ID cards have a design very similar to a true HKID card for residents. One option mentioned in the article is to have the identification of the animal in the form of a decal to personalize a Octopus card – they are contactless stored value cards popular in Hong Kong.


(Source: Sample Facebook screenshot images from the Lead Stories collection on Tuesday, August 03 at 15:27:40 2021 UTC)

In Hong Kong dog license (picture here) is managed by AFCD (Directorate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation). It costs $ 80 and must be renewed every three years. The AFCD webpage has information for pet owners, including questions for people who plan to have a companion dog or other pet. The questions include whether the person is willing to care for a pet for life and if they can afford the cost of care. It is clear that pet ownership is not subsidized by the government.


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