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Fake information for ID card replacement: Filipinos are two years old

Published on: Tuesday July 26, 2022

By: Jo Ann Mool

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Murada (second from left) and Hasna (second from right) being escorted to the court complex after the proceedings.

Kota Kinabalu: Two Filipinos were sentenced to two years in prison each on Monday for providing false information in applications for replacement identity cards. Murada Rabung, 32, holder of IMM13, and Nor Hasna Paisal, 19, undocumented, pleaded guilty before magistrates Lovely Natasha Charles and Jessica Ombou Kakayun, respectively. . Murada and Hasna were found guilty of the offense when applying for a replacement ID card with serial numbers 960622-12-5050 in Nazira Eranza’s name; and 950320-12-5056 as Erah Eranza, respectively, at 11:30 a.m. on July 21 this year at the Identification Card Division, National Registration Department (NRD) here.

NRD Prosecutor Mohd Naser Mohd Nadzeri, in presenting the facts of the case, said that the registration officer informed that two women had submitted replacement applications using identity card information suspected of not belong to them. Courts heard that a check of the two women’s fingerprints on application forms revealed that their fingerprints did not match ID card records in the names of Nazira and Erah, who were siblings. Muranda and Hasna’s fingerprints also did not refer to NRD records, Mohd Naser said. Murada was found to have an IMM13 document as identification, while Hasna had no identification, the prosecution said. Murada and Hasna, who were not pictured, asked for a fine instead. Murada added that she has four children in school while Hasna said she has a six-month-old baby girl who is still breastfeeding. Mohd Naser called for a heavier sentence as a lesson for them as well as the general public.


“The offense of attempting to apply for a replacement for a lost ID card using details belonging to others who are Malaysian citizens may have various negative impacts on the true owner of the document if issued. successfully to the accused and may affect the sovereignty of our country.” The attempt by a non-citizen, especially an illegal immigrant (ITP), to fraudulently obtain a Malaysian identity document is something that must be taken seriously.” If this identity document belonging to someone else is successfully obtained by a non-citizen, it may have a negative impact on the true owner of the document. “Among the negative impacts that the true owner of the document, there is special government assistance for Malaysian citizens which can be seized by impersonators, a citizen’s rights are denied because the document has been used by impersonators s. “It will certainly have negative implications and affect the administration, economy, security and sovereignty of our country,” Mohd Naser said. Murada and Hasna were both ordered to be returned to the Immigration Department after serving their sentences. They were charged under Section 25(1)(b) of the National Registration Regulations 1990 (as amended 2007), which is punishable by imprisonment for up to three years or a fine of up to RM20,000, or both, if convicted.


In another case, a man was fined RM1,000 or imprisoned for two months for assaulting another person. Kho Zi Jun pleaded guilty before Judge Jessica to assaulting Chong Chung Moi, who injured his elbow and wrist, at 3 p.m. on March 26 this year. The charge, under Section 323 of the Penal Code, is punishable by imprisonment for up to one year or a fine, or both, if convicted.
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