How do I apply for a Kisan credit card? Check the process step by step

Through the Kisan credit card, farmers can take out loans for various purposes.

What is Kisan Credit Card?

The Kisan Credit Card (KCC) was launched by the central government to ensure that farmers across the country have access to credit at a reasonable rate. This program was introduced in August 1998 and was based on the recommendations of a special committee formed for Inputs on Loans and Farm Welfare. KCC Loan provides term loans to farmers to cover the costs of farming, harvesting and maintaining the farm.

Types of loans you get through KCC

There are various banks in India that provide agricultural loans to farmers to help them meet their financial needs.

Agricultural loans

Farm loans

Farm property loans


dairy plus diet

Schema Broiler Plus

Produce marketing loans

On-farm storage facilities and storage loan

Horticultural loan

small irrigation

Land purchase scheme, etc.

Who is eligible for the Kisan Card?

Anyone engaged in agriculture, related activities or non-agricultural activities can apply for a Kisan credit card. Below, we have mentioned complete details about eligibility criteria, essential documents, etc. for the Kisan credit card loan:

Minimum age – 18 years old

Maximum age – 75 years old

If a borrower is elderly (age over 60) then a co-borrower is mandatory where the co-borrower must be a legal heir.

All farmers – individual or co-farmers

SHGs / joint liability groups including sharecroppers

Farmers, oral tenants and sharecroppers.

Documents Required for Kisan Credit Card

  • Identity proof like voter ID card or PAN card or passport or Aadhaar card or driving license etc.

  • Proof of Address like Voter ID Card or Passport or Aadhaar Card or Driving License etc.

  • Land documents

What is KCC’s limit?

For marginal farmers – A flexible limit of Rs. 10,000 – crores. 50,000 is provided (as Flexi KCC) depending on land ownership and crops grown, including credit requirements related to post-harvest warehouse storage and other farm expenses. (According to the RBI website)

Kisan credit card: how to apply

Applying for a Kisan credit card is very simple, as nowadays banks have made arrangements to allow the application process both online and offline. If you wish to apply online, follow the steps below:

Go to the Kisan Credit Card section on a bank’s official website

Press the “Apply Now” button

Carefully fill in all your details (name, mobile number, etc.)

Then click on the submit button to apply online

The processing time for requests is 3 to 4 working days

If the application is approved, an executive will contact you and let you know what documents are needed and where to go for further steps.

If you want to apply offline, you will need to go to the nearest bank branch and apply for the Kisan credit card loan. Remember to bring all relevant documents with you when registering.

By mentioning your mobile number in the application form, you will receive status updates one by one until your loan is approved.

Banks that provide Kisan credit cards

The Kisan credit card is offered by many public sector banks, cooperative banks and rural banks in India. Some of them are:

SBI Kisan credit card

Bank of India (BOI)

Axis Bank Kisan credit card

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)

Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI)


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