How to Find Credit Card CVV Number in Apple Wallet

If you have credit cards saved in Apple Wallet on iPhone for easy use and Apple Pay, like Apple Card, sometimes you may come across a situation where you need the CVV code number, or security code number , which is associated with this credit card.

By now you’ve probably tapped on the wallet to no avail, tapping on a card doesn’t show you what you’re looking for, so what next? It turns out that the security code is hidden a bit further in the Wallet app.

How to Find Credit Card Security Code in Apple Wallet

Making a purchase and need your Apple Credit Card CVV security code? Here’s how you can find this in the Wallet app:

  1. Open Apple Wallet app on iPhone
  2. Tap “Apple Card”
  3. Tap the three dots button in the upper right corner, it looks like (…)
  4. Tap “Card Info” and search for “View Security Code”

There you go, you can find the three-digit CVV security code, which you sometimes need for verification when shopping.

Oddly enough, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get this information from some of the other credit cards added to Apple Wallet, nor does there seem to be a way to get much of this information from in the Apple Pay section of System Preferences on a Mac. These seem like essential features that are missing in the Wallet app, so maybe they will be added later.

Do you know any other way to get CVV number from Apple Wallet security code or credit cards added to your iPhone? Let us know in the comments!

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