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  • There are two currencies that you need in the world to get rich and be financially successful. The first currency is money and the second currency is relationships. Both of these currencies need to work for you to be able to build wealth and be financially successful. And of the two currencies, the relationship is the more powerful and the most beneficial. This is because you can reach the top with no money but with the right connections. But you can’t get to the top with money on your own.

Money needs relationships to thrive because all the wealth in the world is created through a relationship. That is, two people must first love, trust and get along to do business or engage in income-generating activity to build wealth. And while relationships can produce money, money cannot produce relationships. So you can have all the money in the world and still be a long way off in life if you miss out on important connections.

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Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, a legendary former speaker and author, puts it this way, “You stay the same person year after year, except for the people you meet and the books you read. So if getting rich and rich is important to you. You have to master the art of building successful relationships and connecting with the right kind of people. Building relationships that generate wealth is therefore the fastest way to get to the top. And reaching the top is connecting with people who have the edge you lack in your own life.

How then to create profitable relationships?

To create profitable relationships, you must first recognize that there is an unequal distribution of wealth and benefits in the world. And that in order to be successful, you have to connect with other people. That is, those who have the benefits you are looking for. The truth is, other people have the answers, the offers, the money, the access, the power, and the influence you need to achieve your goals. And they will only give it to you if you are in a relationship with them.

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There are two elements that must be present in a relationship to make others want to invest in your own success. The first is trust. And the second is your ability to solve their problems or deliver value. Confidence is saying something and doing it consistently over a consecutive period of time. Solving the issues of the people you want to attract is also essential. This is because people generally care less about your success and more about their own success. So the only way to get them to invest in your success is to first solve a problem they care about. And the only way someone can talk to you about their problems is if you’re in a close, trusting relationship.

What is a close relationship?

Close relationships are relationships that are linked by mutual interests, mutual respect and mutual values. Most close relationships are formed in private and sometimes closed environments. A typical example is the relationships formed within a family, school, office, club, estate or event. This type of relationship is the most reliable relationship and carries the greatest potential for wealth. So, in order to build wealth, two things are important: the quality of your intimate relationships and your ability to convert strangers into close friends. All relationships must first become close for them to be beneficial for your success. So without strong relationships of trust and the ability to create them, it is difficult to build wealth or become financially successful.

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Now you can tell yourself, “But I have a close relationship, why haven’t I succeeded yet?” “

The answer is simple.

While all close relationships trust them, not all close relationships can produce income. In fact, no close relationship is designed to automatically create wealth. You have to make them build wealth. Close relationships are like a seed. They are ineffective as seeds, but when planted and cared for, they can grow into trees. This means that you have to master the art of planting and nurturing your close relationships to become trees of wealth.

How to build relationships that create wealth?

Before we show you how to build relationships that create wealth. Let me first show you the two types of close relationships that exist.

The first is that of relationships that consume wealth. And the second is the wealth that creates relationships.

Wealth-consuming relationships are relationships that consume capital. They are also known as social relationships. And include family relationships, some friendships, and religious associations. The way that members of this group add value to each other is by offering emotional or spiritual value in return for financial support. Wealth-consuming relationships are therefore not designed to create wealth and it is difficult to make them wealth-creating in nature. Nonetheless, these are important relationships. And provide essential spiritual and emotional balance. So the only way to prosper financially independent of them is to combine them with the second type of relationship – the wealth-creating relationship.

Wealth-creating relationships are relationships that generate income or expand opportunities. They are also known as professional or business relationships. Professional or business relationships include relationships with colleagues, peers, and club members. They also include relationships with your neighbors, customers, partners, vendors, advisors, etc. Members of this group are pre-sold on Wealth Building. They are open to learning new information. Discover new ideas and opportunities. Open to doing business together and meeting new people. The way this group adds value to itself is by pointing each other in the right direction. They connect with the people, businesses, opportunities, and organizations that can help them. And they support each other in difficult times. Although most people have these connections, they are still not rich.

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The reason is simple

Professional and business relationships will not automatically create wealth for you. They must be made to create wealth. These relationships are like seeds. They are ineffective as seeds, but when planted and cared for, they can grow into trees. This means that you don’t just have to know how to develop these relationships. It is also necessary to know how to transform them into trees of wealth. To convert professional or business relationships into wealth-building relationships, you need to do three things.

First of all, you need to become a high income problem solver. Second, you need to become a valuable connector. And third, you must join a wealth-building problem-solving platform. Let’s look at each of these points in detail

1.Become a high income problem solver

A high income problem solver is someone who solves problems that produce high income. Solving people’s problems is the only way to build wealth and enter into high quality relationships with other people. To solve problems, you need experience. And the fastest way to gain experience is on your own personal journey. Personal experience can make you an instant expert in a field that would typically take years of hard school work to develop. Being an expert is important for building trust with your close relationships.

For example, if you are passionate about weight loss but are struggling to lose your own weight, then you have a great opportunity to become an expert in this area, especially for those who are struggling to lose weight. All you need to do is overcome your own difficulties and lose weight. And then you can help other people in difficulty to do the same. When you successfully solve your own personal problems, you become the expert who can help others solve the same problem. It makes you more magnetic and interesting to others. The key here is to create such a rich life that has so many inspiring stories, experiences and accomplishments. You have to get to the point in your life where you have a lot of “how did you do that” stories. How did you get enough money to start your first business? How did you become CEO of a multinational? How did you get over cancer? How did you stay married for 50 years? How did you achieve financial freedom, etc.? The more stories you have about ‘how did you do that’ the easier it will be to connect with people and build rich relationships.

However, you need to make sure that some of your stories about how you did it can generate high income. And involve solving problems that affect a lot of people. You also need to make sure that you start helping people as soon as you start taking the right action, and not after you hit your end goal. Sometimes being an expert doesn’t mean you’re perfect or that you’ve arrived. It just means that you took some action that others are struggling to take. And you can guide them. If you are ahead of someone in a particular area, you can become the expert in that area for them. So becoming a high income problem solver is not only important for earning high income, but also important for building rich relationships. When you master the art of solving high income problems, you become a valuable person that other people want to meet.

To be continued next week …

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