Indian Railways passenger? Be careful if you don’t have a photo ID card on the train! It can happen to you


Normally, when we book Indian Railways ticket, it is not necessary to provide any information regarding the photo ID details of any of the passengers. However, according to Indian Railways rules, it is very important to carry and show the original ID card to the authorities when traveling.

If you then book an electronic ticket, one of the passengers who booked an electronic ticket in a PNR must present one of the ten original identity cards listed below during the train journey as this will be accepted as proof of travel. ‘identity. But, alarmingly, if you fail to present the ID card, the passenger will be treated as traveling without a ticket and will be treated according to the Indian Railways rules. It has been said that if the person does not present the ID card, he will be charged the full price of the ticket plus a penalty of Rs. 250 but he will be able to keep the same berths.

According to the IRCTC website, the following photo ID cards are considered valid for travel:
1. Passport.
2. Identity card with voter photo issued by the Election Commission of India.
3. Driver’s license issued by RTO
4. Pan Card issued by the Income Tax Department.
5. Photo ID card with serial number issued by central / state government.
6. Student ID card with photo issued by a recognized school / college for their students.
7. Nationalized bank book with photographs.
8. Credit cards issued by banks with plastic photo.
9. Unique identity card “Aadhaar”, m-Aadhaar, e-Aadhaar.

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10. Serial numbered photo ID cards issued by state / central government public sector enterprises, district administrations, municipal bodies and Panchayat administrations.


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