Is a gas credit card worth it?

For the most generous gas discounts, look for rewards credit cards that pay out 5% cash back savings on gas purchases, Rossman says.

You can find options with no annual fee. Just make sure you understand the discount limits.

The Citi Personalized Charge Card, for example, offers cardholders 5% cash back on their top spend category each billing cycle, which can include gas, up to $500 in purchases per cycle. Other purchases earn 1% cash back.

For those who find it worth buying a warehouse club membership, Sam’s Club and Costco offer credit cards that generously reimburse gas purchases, which can be made at any gas station.

Sam’s Club MasterCard pays 5% cash back up to an annual cap of $6,000, then 1% thereafter. Citi’s Costco Anywhere Visa card reimburses 4% on gas purchases up to $7,000 per year, then drops to 1%.

If you drive a lot and expect to hit a rewards cap, consider using this card just for gas purchases, while switching to a different one for different spending categories, Rossman says.

Another option is the PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa signature card, which pays five times the points on gas purchases and electric vehicle charging stations, with no mileage cap. These points can be used for travel, merchandise, and gift cards, among other categories.

The card is available through the PenFed Credit Union, which is open to new members with a $5 deposit. However, to earn the highest gasoline rewards, you must qualify as an Honors Advantage member, which requires you to be in the military or open a checking account with PenFed.

To compare different credit card rewards, check out websites such as,, and

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