Is there no entry to Garba Pandal without ID? Know the Full Truth MP No Entry to Garba Pandal without ID Card


No entry to Garba pandal without ID card. News Nation, News State team checked the real estate of Garba Pandal in Indore on the first day of Navratri. In Realty Check, the organizers found the identity card at the main gate of the Garba site. The organizers completely banned the entry of non-Hindus. Organizers say non-Hindus cannot come alone. Welcome to the family. This ban was imposed on people with a love jihadist mentality. From the entrance of the Garba pandal to the whole pandal, people who came to see the Garba while checking the ID cards of the young volunteers said that we support the decision taken by the government, this decision should have been taken a long time ago .

The girls who came to see Garba and danced Garba said that with this government decision, we feel safe and welcome the decision that we can now perform Garba in a safe environment. Some people used to hide their identity and enter Garba pandal. For these people, this decision is a big slap in the face. However, without the ID card there will be no entry into Garba pandal, this started after Madhya Pradesh Cabinet Minister Usha Thakur’s statement a few days ago. After his declaration, state politics was hot, the opposition constantly attacks the government for the minister’s declaration, while on the first day of Navratri, the state’s interior minister, Dr Narottam Mishra, also supported Minister Usha Thakur’s statement. without identity card. Supporting the ban on entry to Garba pandal, the Minister of Interior also endorsed it.

On the other hand, Hindutva organizations had opened a front regarding the banning of non-Hindu youths in Garba pandal. The menacing open challenge is issued by the Hindutva organizations. This time, for the first time in Madhya Pradesh, permission is given to the Garba Pandal after seeing the ID card.

Considering the increase in cases of love jihad, the government took strict action on the decision of the opposition government. The attacking opposition says, Garba is a folk dance of Gujarat, it is a way of worshiping the mother and not worshipping. From movie tunes to birthday parties and pandals, people are garbaing the streets. The decision taken by the government is not the right one. The leaders of the Hindu organization should have read about it first and then they should have made a statement.

(Report – Mithlesh)

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