Madhya Pradesh government is considering proposal to introduce new identity card for state citizens


According to confirmed sources, Madhya Pradesh government led by Kamal nath plans to release a new type of ID card for people. It is said that the government is studying the draft proposal to release a common I-card for all citizens of the state.

The main goal is to eliminate the need to carry multiple documents. At present, many different types of documents are required in case one wishes to benefit from the benefits of public social assistance schemes.

In a session with Le Indian Express staff, Minister of Public Relations of the State of Madhya Pradesh, PC Sharma, said the photo ID card will have a unique number. It will contain basic details such as the name, address and phone number of the holder. The proposed car is also expected to sport a QR code. However, he did not provide more details on when the government plans to roll out this new card.

The minister said the move aims to make the idea of ​​”a state an identity“a reality. He also said the card will be linked to citizens’ Aadhar number.

More details regarding the proposed card are not yet known. Speaking on the subject, an RTI activist Ajay Dubey expressed concern and said the proposed I card would pose a threat to privacy. He also questioned the credibility of such a card.

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