Mastercard, Mumbai Metro and Axis Bank launch MUMBAI METRO CARD; Check out how it will benefit the Mumbaikars


Mastercard, Mumbai Metro and Axis Bank announced Thursday the launch of the “One Mumbai Metro Card”, to provide contactless and cashless travel to Mumbaikars.

It is an open-loop, prepaid contactless card that can be used as part of the daily commute on public transport with just a tap. This card can be used for all daily purchases of food, groceries, drugs and tickets.

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Mastercard’s solution gives transit agencies the ability to design, develop and deploy personalized, prepaid digital payment solutions, delivering an essential contactless transportation experience for riders. This is another step to help the government digitize transportation and build the country’s digital economy based on the highest safety standards.

The “One Mumbai Metro Card” offers essential features such as contactless, ease of use and recharging, speed and convenience for its metro ticket as well as other daily expenses such as groceries, restaurants and shopping.

It is relevant to facilitate safe and smooth metro travel without the need to queue anywhere, in times of social distancing and for hassle-free daily payments. The “One Mumbai Metro Card” can be obtained from the ticket offices of the Mumbai metro station.

This solution will pave the way for the new normal for daily commuters in Mumbai. It also promotes wider acceptance of contactless payments in a digitally connected world, which allows cardholders to use their cards to travel and transit through Mumbai. In addition, it contributes to the broader objective of “Envisaging transport to 2030”.

Commenting on the launch, Sanjeev Moghe, Executive Vice President and Head of Cards and Payments, Axis Bank, said, “We feel privileged in our association with Mumbai Metro One and Mastercard, to launch the ‘One Mumbai Metro Card’ for the Mumbaikars. In this endeavor, this collaborative effort with Mumbai Metro One and Mastercard provides commuters with a single, seamless payment experience, reducing the need for a customer to carry multiple cards. It also supports regular retail and e-commerce payments through a single card. We are confident that “One Mumbai Metro Card” will encourage commuters to go digital as India rapidly moves towards a “less cash” economy.

Speaking on the occasion, Colonel Shubhodoy Mukherjee, CEO of Mumbai Metro One, said: “We are delighted to launch the ‘One Mumbai Metro Card’ for Mumbaikars, continuing our tradition of providing world class service. We expect this card to be used by all travelers and to become popular among Mumbaikars who pay digitally. “

Commenting on the launch, Rajeev Kumar, Senior Vice President, Market Development, South Asia, Mastercard said, “As one of the first providers of payment technology and solutions to offer open loop payments in public transport globally, Mastercard is delighted to partner with Mumbai Metro. and Axis Bank to launch the “One Mumbai Metro Card”. This will help provide customers with increased choice, flexibility and confidence in public transport experiences, from seamlessly entering and exiting the Mumbai metro, purchasing their chai cup. , vada pav or for any other daily purchase.


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