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The Maui Economic Opportunity Business Development Center now offers credit counseling services to residents with credit debt or student loans.

The center recently certified Maui and Molokai staff members as National Consumer Counseling Professionals and expanded its services by offering free credit counseling services to the public.

The center’s credit counselors can perform an in-depth analysis of an individual’s or family’s financial situation to find ways to save and get out of debt. Services include debt consolidation, which can reduce interest rates by more than 60% and monthly credit card payments by 25%.

MEO’s Business Development Center also has two Certified Student Loan Counselors who can review financial profiles, including federal student loans, and work to find affordable solutions.

“Credit counselors can’t wave a magic wand and make debt disappear,” said David Daly, Director of MEO’s Business Development Center. “They can help reduce interest rates and develop a debt management and repayment plan that is workable and avoids bankruptcy. We can also help prevent future credit and debt problems through our counseling process.

For more information about the credit counseling program, contact MOE’s Business Development Center at (808) 243-4318.

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