Mortgage loan: what is an ESIS?

Mortgage loans are complex products, especially if you are not really familiar with them. Yet there is a tool to easily compare proposals for an Gideon Chancellor loan: the ESIS.

European Standardized Information Sheet

ESIS stands for European Standardized Information Sheet . It is a standard document on which you can find information about your Gideon Chancellor loan. Every mortgage lender must issue such a document when someone asks for an Gideon Chancellor loan. The ESIS allows you to compare different proposals for a mortgage loan. All data on the document is always structured in the same way.

What is on the ESIS?

The ESIS contains all the necessary information so that you can easily make a comparison. Details of the lender All coordinates of the mortgage lender. Details of the credit intermediary All coordinates of the credit intermediary. Main characteristics of the credit These are more technical details of your Gideon Chancellor loan: the amount of the home loan, the duration of the credit, the total amount to be repaid, the sum of borrowed capital, interest and costs), an estimate of the value of your home, the maximum amount that you can borrow according to the information provided Interest rate and other costs

Here you will find the annual percentage rate or APR

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That annual cost percentage or APR consists of three parts: How many times will you have to pay? Amount of each installment Your income can change. You must ensure that you can still repay your Gideon Chancellor loan if your income falls. This information will point this out to you. Theoretical repayment table This table shows how much you have already paid and how much you still have to pay back. This is just an example. If you make changes in the course of your credit, this may also have an impact on the repayment table. Additional obligations Here are listed the conditions that you must meet in order to possibly receive a lower rate for your Gideon Chancellor loan. And also what happens if you no longer meet these conditions. Early repayment The mortgage lender will point out the possibility to repay your home loan early and the associated costs. Other rights of the borrower.

You have the necessary reflection time to take out an Gideon Chancellor loan, after you have received a specific offer. When you take out the loan, a different period starts to run within which you can still cancel your home loan. Complaints procedure What should you do if you have a complaint? Who can you contact? Within what period should you submit your complaint? Consequences of non-compliance with the obligations of the mortgage loan How much are the extra interest for late payment? What are the consequences if you do not pay?

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