National ID card centers to reopen in Afghanistan


Afghanistan’s National Statistics and Information Authority said electronic national identity card (eNIC) centers will reopen across the country on Wednesday. This comes after the recent announcement by the Taliban to issue and distribute national identity cards.

As a first step, around 30,000 already created identity cards would be distributed to Afghan nationals, NSIA officials said, TOLOnews reported. “30,000 identity cards have been printed and are ready to be distributed. The process will start on Wednesday, ”said Yousuf Ahadi, IT manager at NSIA.

According to TOLOnews, many local residents said they needed ID cards for a number of reasons. Shabir Ahmad, a resident of Kabul, said he wanted to travel abroad to get medical treatment for a family member.

Shabir Ahmad said: “We are in serious need of identity cards. Everyone has to take their patients abroad. It is necessary to have identity cards to obtain a passport. Hasamudin, a resident stressed the need to open identification centers before the reopening of passport centers.

“Before the reopening of the passport service, it was necessary for the identification centers to be open. People have many problems with opening the ID card center, ”Hasamudin said. According to the NSIA, 104 identity card distribution centers are present in Afghanistan, including 25 in Kabul.

It comes as thousands of people wait to get their passports and national identity cards. The process of issuing passports and national identity cards to Afghans was halted after the fall of the previous government (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan) and the takeover of the country by the Taliban on August 15. (ANI)

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