NDA publishes newsletter: check how Nitish Kumar’s government kept its promises


Ahead of the 2020 Bihar assembly elections, the NDA issued a government bulletin of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The newsletter focuses on the commitments made by the NDA’s chief ministerial candidate, Nitish Kumar, from 2005. India Today TV has studied the promises made by Nitish Kumar over the past five years under the “Saat” program. Nischay ”launched in 2015.

Nitish Kumar first launched his “Saat Nischay” or seven-point program in 2015, promising investments of over Rs 2.7 lakh crore in Bihar. He said this would be used to improve infrastructure, education and skills development in the state over a five-year period.


1. The first program of the government of Nitish Kumar was the construction of roads connecting each village in Bihar. The budget provided for this was Rs 78,000 crore.

In its bulletin, the NDA claims that every village in Bihar has been connected by concrete roads for the past five years.

However, Nitish Kumar had recently admitted that not all villages in the state were yet connected by concrete roads. “If I come back to power, we will build roads between villages and then connect these roads which are national and national highways,” Nitish Kumar said.

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2. The second program was to provide each household with an uninterrupted power supply. The budget provided for this was Rs 55,600 crore.

The NDA said in its newsletter that providing uninterrupted power to every household in Bihar is close to reality.

Villages in Bihar, which once faced a severe power shortage, now benefit from 22 to 24 hours of electricity. The 39,073 villages in the state were declared fully electrified in 2018 under the Saubhagya program.

3. The third agenda was to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to all. The budget provided for this was Rs 47,700 crore.

The NDA bulletin claims that 1.62 crore of families in Bihar have obtained drinking water under the “Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal” program.

However, many areas of Bihar still do not have access to safe drinking water. Data released by the Department of Public Health Engineering (PHED) indicates that groundwater in 5,635 neighborhoods of Bihar’s 896 panchayats was not drinkable due to the presence of arsenic and fluoride.

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4. The fourth program was to build toilets in each house. The budget provided for this was Rs 28,700 crore.

The NDA bulletin does not mention this agenda.

However, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar claimed that 12,000 rupees were paid to each family in Bihar to enable them to build toilets. However, until last year, more than a lakh of families were waiting for the repayment promised by the state government for this purpose, especially in districts like Jehanabad, Arwal and Aurangabad.

5. The fifth program was to provide young people with employment and skills development. The budget provided for this was Rs 49,800 crore.

In its report card ahead of the 2020 Bihar elections, the NDA said that there were only state-run engineering schools in Bihar during the first 58 years of independence. Now all 38 districts have an engineering and polytechnic college under the government of Nitish Kumar, the bulletin added.

When RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav launched a job portal, more than 15 lakh of unemployed youth registered on the same, indicating high levels of unemployment in the state, which is seen as a major problem. survey.

6. The sixth agenda was to provide better higher education. The budget provided for this was Rs 10,300 crore.

The NDA bulletin claims that over 1,191 crore rupees was given in the form of loans to more than 1 lakh of students at a lower interest rate under the “Student Credit Card” program for this purpose. .

However, there have been complaints that students have not received Rs 4 lakh under this program, as announced by the government of Bihar, despite the claims they submitted.

7. The seventh program was to grant a 35 per cent reserve to women in government jobs.

This is a promise that Nitish Kumar kept as she pledged in 2015. Shortly after the government was formed in 2015, Nitish Kumar approved a 35% reservation for women in all government jobs. , both in the reserved and unreserved category.


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