Nearly 200,000 people apply for a national identity card in Nawalparasi – myRepublica

NAWALPUR, December 11: Nearly 200,000 people filled in the national identity card form in Nawalparasi (East of Bardaghat-Susta). The number of people filling in the national identity card form at the mobile camp and field office operated at the local district level reached 197,382.

Deputy District Chief Mohan Bahadur Thapa said 184,337 people filled in the National Identity Card form from the mobile camp held in July-August. Likewise, Thapa said that 13,045 people had filled in the forms for the national identity card at the field office of the district administration office till Friday.

The number of people issuing a copy of their citizenship from Nawalparasi District Administration Office is more than the number of people applying for new citizenship cards. As of mid-November of the current fiscal year 2021/22, a total of 4,486 people have applied for new citizenship cards in the district while 4,601 have issued copies of their citizenship. Stating that there are 2,335 men and 2,151 women applying for new citizenship, Thapa said a total of 2,441 men and 2,160 women have applied for a copy of their citizenship.

“The number of people issuing the copy of their citizenship increased because some of them lost their citizenship while some of their citizenship cards were destroyed or unclear,” Thapa said.

According to Thapa, the district’s passport issuance work has been halted as the production of new e-passports has been launched. “However, the work of recommending the ePassport to those who urgently need it continues,” Thapa said.

Stating that the district is preparing to issue an e-passport soon, Thapa said that the district’s e-passport recommendation will also be stopped. At present, the three district administrative offices in Kathmandu Valley, including the passport department, issue e-passports. A total of 4,028 people, including 2,620 men and 1,408 women took passports in the district from July to mid-November.

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