NIN: NIMC Mobile App Download, How To Print National Identity Card Online And Tins To Know The National Identity Card Commission Application


Wia dis foto comes from, NIMC

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is not starting to encourage Nigerians to use the recently launched dia NIMC mobile app to obtain a national ID card or use it in place of an ID card. physical identity.

NIMC says the app is easy to navigate, gets good functionality, and weighs to be used, I don’t have to get the national identification number (NIN) to access the NIMC mobile app.

According to NIMC, you are authorized by the Communications Commission of Nigeria (NCC) to link up to 7 devices with cell phone numbers registered in Nigeria to your NIN (mobile phones for now)

How to get and use the APP

First of all, you adapt to the download of the application via Google play store if you are using an Android phone or via Apple App Store if you use i phone.

  • After you don’t install for your phone, go to the bottom left and click on To jump so To start
  • Enter your 11-digit TIN number and press Next, Then later I am okay
  • Di mobile number you use, register for your NIN go pop up togeda with two questions;
  • I always use say mobile number
  • I no longer use this mobile number
  • Click on a correct answer among the two questions and press Next
  • If you are still using the same cell phone number, enter your User ID and OTP to send your phone by SMS, then press Proceed. But if you no longer use your mobile number, you need to go to any NIMC office to update your phone number in order to continue with the process.


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