No food without ID: Family asks wedding guests to show Aadhar card at wedding

Marriages in India have evolved over the years. However, a wide range of orchestrated performances as well as the pressure of hosting hundreds of guests still add a lot of stress to families. A family from UP was puzzled by the massive crowds entering the wedding venue and decided to do something unheard of.

The family asked the wedding guests to show their Aadhar cards upon entering the venue. Those who had the card were the only ones allowed to enter the room.

The event happened after the arrival of the baraat in Hasanpur from the village of Dhawarsi. After seeing the large crowd, the bride’s family decided to ask their guests to show their ID cards. They also said that food would only be served to those who produced their Aadhar cards. According to reports, the family made such a decision because two baraats had arrived at the scene at the same time.

When one started serving food, guests from the other baraat also burst in. This triggered the bride’s family. That’s when they decided to stop serving food to guests. Although the bride’s family solution was a way to settle the chaos, the bride’s actual guests were distressed by the conditional entry. Many of them who hadn’t brought their ID cards to the wedding were furious.

Fortunately, the situation was handled well by some, avoiding any further drama. The clip has been viewed over 1.5K times on Twitter.

Was this a good solution?

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