People with disabilities to obtain a single identity card | Patna News


BHAGALPUR: District Magistrate Subrat Kumar Sen asked officials of the health department, Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation (BMC), Nagar Parishad and blocs to organize special camps for health check, authentication and the completion of the application procedures of people with disabilities to issue them unique identity cards for people with disabilities (UDID).
The special camps were held within 16 blocks from Friday to March 17th. A list of 90 health personnel, including doctors, has been assigned to the blocks for this purpose.
Sources said the goal is to track the physical and financial progress of UDID cardholders at all levels of implementation. People with disabilities will not need to carry multiple documents as the UDID card contains all the necessary details, which can be decoded using a reader.
The special camps were scheduled at the primary health center (PHC) of Sahkund block on February 5 and 6, at the referral hospital of Sultanganj block (February 8-9), at the referral hospital of the block of Nathnagar (February 10-11), at SSP Sabour (February 12-13), Jagdishpur (February 15-17), Goradih (February 18-19), Narayanpur (February 20-22), Bihpur (February 23-24) and Kharik blocks (February 25-26), hospital sub-division of Naugachia block (March 1 and 2), SSP of Gopalpur blocks (March 3-4), Rangra (March 5 and 6), Ismailpur (March 8-9) and Sanhoula (March 10-12), sub-division hospital in Kahalgaon (March 13-15) and referral hospital in Pirpainty block (March 16-17).
SDM (Sadar) and Deputy Director of Social Security (ADSS) Annu Kumari told the newspaper that the process of screening people with disabilities, their authentication and subsequent issuance of UDID cards began on Friday at PHC block in Sahkund. “We are trying to provide a disability certificate and a UDID card to beneficiaries on the same day,” she said.
The UDID Card for People with Disabilities, a project of the Centre’s Disability Empowerment Department, is being implemented with a view to creating a national database for people with disabilities (PwD) as well as issuing them UDID cards to encourage transparency and ease of paying them government benefits.



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