Ryanair bans customers who received credit card refunds during pandemic unless they settle ‘unpaid debt’

Ryanair has decided to ban customers who have received “illegal” refunds for flights they did not take advantage of during the pandemic from traveling with them, unless they “settle their unpaid debt”.

Reports have emerged that customers who have booked flights with Ryanair during Covid-19 travel restrictions, and who subsequently requested refunds via ‘chargebacks’ on their credit cards, will no longer be allowed to travel with the airline unless they return the money.

Chargeback occurs when a customer requests a refund from their credit or debit card company for a service not provided, and it is billed to the retailer’s bank.

The affected flights were not canceled, but customers requested refunds because they felt they could not travel due to various travel restrictions in Europe.

Analysis from MoneySavingExpert.com found that “dozens” of customers said they were not allowed to enjoy flights they had already booked with the airline after receiving refunds through their credit card companies.

Customers were able to book and pay for their flights normally and were only alerted to Ryanair’s refund requests when trying to check in or change a booking. Ryanair offered to reimburse subsequent flights if the customer was unwilling to reimburse the chargeback and effectively lift their travel ban.

Ryanair said that millions of customers, “who have asked Ryanair directly for refunds” are not affected by the latest measure, but customers who have processed refunds through their credit card companies for refunds. flights operated as scheduled will have to return the refund in order to fly with them again.

“There is a tiny minority of passengers who have purchased non-refundable tickets on Ryanair flights that performed as expected during Covid-19 but who chose not to travel and then illegally processed chargebacks through their credit card company. credit, ”said a Ryanair spokesperson.

“These few passengers will have to settle their unpaid debt before they can fly with Ryanair again. This regretted restriction only applies to a tiny fraction of the 150 million Ryanair passengers each year who have chosen to illegally terminate their booking agreements with us, ”the spokesperson said.

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