Saravanan: A new ID card is coming for foreign workers

TAPAH: The Ministry of Human Resources will set up a new system – an identity card by sector – to solve the problem of foreign workers in the country who would have arbitrarily switched to other sectors.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri M. Saravanan said strong demand in the plantation sector due to rising oil palm prices has pushed plantation owners to pay more, which has pushed workers to turn to the sector.

“It made some workers turn to the sector, so now we are trying to solve this problem,” he said when met by reporters after officiating the Perak Jaminkerja Keluarga Malaysia Career Carnival 2022 at the Tapah Youth and Sports Complex here on Sunday (June 12).

He said the introduction of the ID card system according to the sector would also ensure that no employer abuses the registration of employees.

“Another problem I see is that the levy rate for the agricultural sector is cheaper, that many employers, even those in different sectors, bring in foreign workers through the agricultural channel because it is cheaper.

“By introducing the ID card system according to the sector, we can solve this problem and it will also facilitate law enforcement by the authorities, in particular the Department of Immigration and the Royal Malaysian Police,” he said. -he declares.

On Friday, Public Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof reportedly said rising palm oil prices in the plantation sector had attracted workers from other sectors and affected the construction sector after their workers be moved to the plantation sector.

Fadillah reportedly said the effect of the labor shortage in the construction sector could be seen as some projects had been delayed, including the Pan Borneo highway project.

Meanwhile, Saravanan said he was confident that the issue of delays in foreign workers entering the country would be resolved by the end of this month and employers were urged to be patient while waiting for the long process of hiring foreign workers.

“I’m afraid many don’t understand the process of hiring foreign workers. After the country’s borders reopen on April 1, employers can start applying,” he said.

Earlier, during the Perak Jaminkerja Keluarga Malaysia Career Carnival held for two days from yesterday, he said a total of 8,615 vacancies were offered and a total of 374 people were applied for. interviewed yesterday afternoon.

“Of these, 53 job seekers managed to get a job and 140 people managed to qualify for the second round of interviews, with 32 employers during this carnival,” he said. – Bernama

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