Search warrant issued for the credit card transactions of a homicide suspect

WILKES-BARRE – While alleged evidence recovered without a search warrant remains in limbo linked to a homicide case in Wilkes-Barre Township in 2018, investigators continue to gather information on the suspect’s spending habits.

On November 30, Luzerne County Judge David W. Lupas authorized investigators to serve a search warrant for Anthony Shaw’s use of his Visa credit / bank card.

Shaw, 44, of East Orange, NJ, is charged with one count of felony manslaughter in the fatal assault of Cindy Lou Ashton, 39, whose body was found inside her Nicholson Street residence by township police conducting a May 1 welfare check. 2018.

Shaw’s trial has been delayed due to appeals, including a ruling by President Justice Michael T. Vough prohibiting prosecutors from using alleged evidence recovered from Shaw’s vehicle and apartment by East Orange police. in New Jersey on May 3, 2018.

East Orange police entered Shaw’s apartment with the assistance of the building manager during a welfare check. Once inside, prosecutors said three bloodied knives and a multi-page handwritten letter in a notebook were found.

Shaw was found with self-inflicted injuries in his apartment.

Receipts for items allegedly purchased by Shaw from the now defunct Kmart store near Ashton’s residence were found inside his vehicle.

Vough banned prosecutors from using the alleged evidence in Shaw’s apartment and vehicle because East Orange police did not have a search warrant.

Prosecutors appealed Vough’s decision to the State Superior Court, which ruled in Vough’s favor but returned the case to Vough for a suppression hearing to determine whether investigators found the evidence in during the ongoing investigation, called the doctrine of inevitable discovery.

A day after Shaw was found with gash wounds, County Chief Det. Michael Dessoye on May 4, 2018 contacted East Orange Police to inquire about Shaw.

When Ashton’s body was found, her family and friends told investigators Shaw was the last known person to be with her, court records show.

A removal hearing is scheduled for January 7 before Vough.

It was not immediately clear why Lupas had authorized the search warrant in place of Vough, who had presided over the Shaw case since she reached county court.

According to the search warrant, investigators say Shaw contacted a relative of Ashton saying he was coming to town to speak with Ashton to discuss their relationship.

While Shaw was in the area, he used a Visa credit / bank card for a day pass costing $ 24 to a fitness center in Wilkes-Barre, according to the search warrant.

Investigators are looking for other transactions Shaw was able to complete using the Visa credit / bank card in the area.

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