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Wetin we call say foto,

Nigerian celebrities like Don Jazzy are trending the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria as well as various skits for the West African nation.

Nigeria’s “Stingy Men Association” provided momentum when Don Jazzy, Nigerian record producer real name Michael Collins Ajereh, joined the movement as “Head of the Union”.

Many are starting to wonder if the “Stingy Men Association” is really real? Kack asks BBC Pidgin to tell you about the latest trend among Nigerians.

How? ‘Or’ What [Stingy Men Association] start?

The Trend of the Avaricious Men Association to start earlier for Zambia for East Africa as a social media trend, Zambian men pledge not to spend K5 Zambia currency for their girlfriend, but better to invest it and earn interest.

A man allegedly assaulted his wife for money worth 150K afta and I continuously claim that I am a member of SMAZ (Stingy Men Association of Zambia), according to tori pipo for the observer for Zambia. Di man wey dem identify himself as Mr. Loenard Mweembe bin chop arrest after assaulting my wife Mrs. Mwembe for saying that I am asking for money to get hair done.

Zambian observer also for one of the dia reports in november 2020 di members of SMAZ buy an aircraft with a capacity of 800 for dia members with money that we save.

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humid [Stingy Men Association of Nigeria] e dey approximately?

Di Stingy Men Association of Nigeria In the new men’s movement and social media trend, we are like something to create fun among the social media users in Nigeria.

Because within di form wey dem create, di association state dia objective na to defend the dignity of di great association by not giving money by any means of financial exploitation to di odar genre.

They promise not to commit financially to the women with whom they are in a relationship.

Nigerian Celebrities Join Us [Stingy Men Association of Nigeria]

For a publication on Twitter, Don Jazzy publishes a photo of the association’s identity card with the caption “Registration completed”.

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Nigerian musician Paul Okoye AKA RudeBoy also joined the association as a member.

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Social media influencers and other Nigerian men are also not showing interest in joining the men’s movement, we don’t want to spend money on women, with “supposed” logo lettering saying “Ne don’t give shi shi ”(Don’t donate money).

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Wia dis foto comes from, Twitter – Akin of Lagos

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The reason behind this trend is not known, but it hasn’t already sparked conversations around men pledging not to spend money on their girlfriends.

[Stingy Men Association of Nigeria registration form]

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Wetin we call say foto,

The Nigeria Stingy Men’s Association registration form looks like.

Kontris will adopt [Stingy men Association]

Ugandan men also have stingy men who train to drive to limit spending on relationship dia and save more for investment.

A little research on Twitter will bring you screenshots of guys who don’t embrace the association. They say that because of the dissociation they don’t save money on transportation, hair and shopping and they even share screenshots.

Just like the oda Stingy men association in Zambia and Nigeria, Uganda also has a social media page with ova 16k members on Twitter.

Dem also obtain the constitution wey dey guide di association.

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[Stingy Women Association of Nigeria] SWAN

Nigerian women are also taking to social media to also start a retaliatory association for stingy women, although they are also not gaining too much popularity, but we do not see some logos and responses from social media.

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Wia dis foto comes from, Twitter


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