The new European identity card DNI 4.0 comes into force on Monday August 2


The new European identity card DNI 4.0 comes into force on Monday August 2. image: policia nacional

NEW European identity card DNI 4.0 which will replace the current card, comes into force on Monday 2 August

As of Monday, August 2, anyone going to the police station to renew their identity card will be issued the new version 4.0 or European version, which will replace the old cards when they expire.

The new document updates its image and incorporates new security measures, both visible and invisible, and it is mandatory from August 2, but it is not necessary that citizens already have it from this date, because they will get it when their valid document expires. and needs to be renewed.

For the moment, it is still mandatory for all residents to wear a recent photo when renewing the DNI, as well as the other requirements requested, and as indicated by the national police through a press release, this new model has been gradually implemented. work on the various shipments. points, with the process culminating in the provincial police station of Malaga in the capital, last Tuesday.

The National Police, in collaboration with the National Coin and Stamp Factory – Real Casa de la Moneda – has designed a support system that includes material, technical, security, functional and usability characteristics, in accordance with the needs requested by citizens in this digital age.

Among the changes introduced on the new DNI, it includes the name in English – National Identity Card – since European regulations require that the words “identity document” appear in at least one other official language of the EU institutions, while that on the obverse, the two – the alphabetical code of the Member State – ES in the case of Spain – has also been added, printed in negative, in a blue rectangle, and surrounded by twelve yellow stars.

The creation of the European DNI brings it into compliance with EU Regulation 2019/1157 of the European Parliament and of the Council of June 20, 2019, which is mandatory for all EU states from August 2, as indicated by


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