Update ID Card Numbers

On August 27, 2022, Ho Chi Minh City Social Security Issues Official Dispatch No. 4887/BHXH-CNTT Regarding Further Update of Citizen ID Card Numbers/Personal Identification Numbers of Participants in the insurance in the database managed by the social security of Vietnam, and the installation and use of VSSID.

With the aim of ensuring the gradual replacement of personal papers on the basis of the integration and authentication of personal information and papers in the national population file for the purpose of using only citizen identity cards and national electronic identification application of the Ministry of Public Security (VNEID), in which the first priority is given to several papers including health insurance cards.

HCMC: Company must update ID card numbers in VSSID (Illustration)

– Receive the Lists of social security and health insurance from the social security organizations no later than September 10, 2022. These Lists must include:

  • Form 01: A list of participants that has been synchronized by the social security agency with the national population database, and participants using their citizen ID cards instead of health insurance cards for examinations and medical treatments.
  • Form 02: A list of participants who do not match the national population database and participants who have not yet received a personal identification number/citizen ID number.

– After receiving 02 Lists as mentioned above, the unit must:

  • For the List drawn up according to Form 01:

– Print form 01 and ask participants to check the information given on form 01. If the information is correct and consistent, sign in the column “certified by the participant” (column 9) Send the list (in paper form) to the social network social security agency before September 30, 2022. In case of incorrect information, note it in column 9, and make a file to correct the information as prescribed and send this file to the social security agency.

Warn attendees to use their Citizen ID cards instead of health insurance cards for medical examinations and treatment

  • For Lists drawn up according to Form 02:

– Print form 02, ask participants to declare correct information in columns 10 to 12, sign in column 14 and send it to the social security bodies before September 30, 2022.

– After certifying the information, the units must draw up the list according to the D02-LT/D03-TS form attached to the TK1 form and the copies of the personal/citizen identity cards and send them to the social security organizations according to the receipt n ° 608 by public post. electronic transaction service or method before September 30, 2022.

In case the participant has not yet registered and installed the VSSID, the unit must urgently perform according to Annex 01 (attached)

In case the participant has already registered and installed the VSSID, the unit should log in to the Vietnam Social Security public service portal and verify the account information; update the e-mail address (if not yet declared) of the social security organization according to Annex 02 (attached) to complete the VSSID account information.

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