What is the e-EPIC voter card? Check benefits, features and download steps

New Delhi | Jagran Technology Office: There are a few documents which are really essential for an Indian citizen including Aadhaar Card, Voter ID and Passport. These documents are the most important pieces of identification to have. While the Aadharr card and passport can be used as proof of identification, the voter ID card serves as both proof of identification and voting.

Since the Indian government is aiming for a digital country, the Election Commission of India has introduced an e-EPIC or Electronic Photo ID Card. Last year, on January 25, also celebrated as National Voters Day, the EC launched this initiative.

So what is an e-EPIC card and how does it differ from a traditional voter ID card?

What is the e-EPIC voter card?

e-EPIC is a non-editable PDF version of a person’s actual voter card. Since the online version is a non-editable PDF file, it is completely secure and no one can tamper with the information. The PDF version of the document can be used for both identity and address verification. One of the best things about the PDF document is that voters won’t have to apply for a new voter ID card every time they change cities or states.

How to download the e-EPIC voter card

Step 1: Visit official website — nvsp.in

Step 2: Now login to the website. Once logged in you will find the e-EPIC card option — click on it

Step 3: Now you need to register using username and password

Step 4: Once you have registered, click on e-KYC to complete KYC

Step 5: Check that your face is still alive using the face liveliness checker

Step 6: Update your mobile number to complete e-KYC

Step 7: Once the process is complete, you can easily upload your e-EPIC

In order to quickly access the document, you can save the PDF on your smartphone or in a DigiLocker.

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