WhatsApp, mandatory ID: here’s what will change


Identity card required to use WhatsApp, especially for the online payment function which is also expected to arrive in Italy soon.

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New period for WhatsApp, which could soon change so much to require compliance with an obligation. Nothing fancy but definitely a new look for the most popular instant messaging app. At present, in fact, on some beta versions there is a new variant of WhatsApp which in order to be used will require none other than the presentation of his identity card. A choice for reasons related to security standards, to be improved to meet the growing needs of users in this direction.

In recent times, WhatsApp has often been the focus of some news related to scam attempts conveyed through its channels. This is why the application staff has decided to raise the bar in terms of user protection, write an additional check before giving his consent to the release of functions, in particular those prohibited to minors. For example, the identity card will be required to access the functions of WhatsApp Pay, the payment system granted through the application.

WhatsApp, new security standards: how it will work

What will change in practice? Basically, it seems that the ID card data will be requested when opening the application, although it is not yet clear what the procedure will be. Otherwise, there shouldn’t be any major changes. The developers have made it known that the version with the highest safety standard it will soon land in European countries, including Italy. Not only the new system but also WhatsApp Pay, which will allow you to make internal payments. So far, the programmers have talked about countries in general terms but it could be our country that is affected by the final version.

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In any case, WhatsApp is trying to perform a major restyling precisely because of the widespread use that continued even after the issue of the renewal of the privacy structure, which had led many users to migrate to Telegram. The expansion of services will inevitably lead to a review of safety standards, useful for ensuring the use of certain features, in particular from the moment when the payments are granted. Because it is true that online has favored certain operations, but it is also true that the risks are greater. And safety becomes paramount.


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