You may have received a free Microsoft $ 100 gift card. Check your “junk mail” folder


Microsoft sent out 50,000 Microsoft Store gift cards to US customers earlier this week, ranging in value from US $ 10 to US $ 100. Apparently, Microsoft Christmas has arrived early.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the gift to The edge, indicating that 25,000 recipients received US $ 100 gift cards by email, while another 25,000 received US $ 10 gift cards. It may look like Microsoft Santa is playing the favorites, but Microsoft says the giveaways were selected at random.

If you haven’t seen a Microsoft Store gift card arrive at the email linked to your Microsoft account, you might want to check your spam folder. We never know.

Mashable has contacted Microsoft for further comment.

These Microsoft gift cards are redeemable in the Microsoft Store until the end of the year, although recipients have 90 days to use the cards once they have been redeemed. It could go to a shiny new accessory for yourself or a year-end gift for a friend – the choice is yours.

If you don’t know what to spend your Microsoft Store Gift Card on, I suggest you put at least US $ 1 on your first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It’s basically like Netflix for games, and tends to get great day one releases such as Age of Empires IV and Unpacking. Remember to cancel it after the first month, or you will be hit with a monthly subscription fee of US $ 14.99.

Gift cards are usually bad when you or a friend buy them for each other. But if it’s a digital giveaway from a big tech company, it’s hard to complain.

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